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Brown with a hint of red (4/33)wavy claw clip hair extensions ponytail

Create the illusion of a thick, healthy-looking ponytail that’s filled with bounce and body with Ponytail. This luxurious ponytail hair extension is fashioned from premium Fibre Hair, a superior heat-resistant material that looks and feels silky-smooth, soft and realistic. Extremely versatile, you can use either the bulldog clip to gain a quick and sturdy fit or remove this and use the built-in drawstrings to get a closer attachment. Simple, effective and oh-so stylish, the Ponytail helps elevate your look in just a few minutes.


Step 1: Gather Your Hair: Gather your hair into a twist and hold firmly against your head.

Step 2: Attach the Clip: Open the Claw Clip and attach it over your twist, holding it securely in place. No hairpins are needed.

Step 3: Style the Hairpiece: Stylish, instant, comfortable, easy, natural-looking and fun... create a great look!

Brown with a hint of red (4/33)short wavy claw clip extension (2)

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