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Having been in the hairdressing industry/business for 32 years I realised that there was a potential gap in the market for human hair pieces that are very easy to use and very effective to all that use them. There is very few people/companies/businesses that are making genuine handmade human hair pieces.

After realising my hair was thinning I found it extremely difficult to find genuine handmade hair pieces that were within my price range and that I could afford comfortably. This is where the idea come from; to make genuine human hair pieces affordable to the customers who would like to use them.

We here at LustyLocks only buy in the best quality of hair which is thoroughly inspected before being made into a hair piece. This ensures that the quality of the item we are supplying to use as the customer is as high as possible. We currently have 2 people making these, one of which includes myself and the other is my business partner. We will always attempt to cater for all of your needs making bespoke hair pieces. All we would require is a snippet of your hair and we will attempt to make this as close of a match to the snippet you have sent us.


The hygienic nature of all hair products available with Lustylocks dictates our Returns Policy: if the products are to be exchanged or refunded they will only be exchanged or refunded for unopened original packaged products. We cannot accept any hairpieces that have been opened, tried on and / or exposed to handling and worn and is visibly damaged due to handling.
Lustylocks is happy to offer exchanges and refunds on all our hairpieces for unopened goods in original packaging within 7 days of purchased.


The below picture shows how easy it is to use all of our products. Not just the one pictured.


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